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UK Teen Forced To Undergo Bra Search For Stolen Cash In Front Of Customers

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A U.K. teen, Naomi Scott, was forced to participate in a humiliating bra search in front of colleagues and customers, the young woman reported.

Scott, 17, had been working full-time at discount store Poundland for almost a year, when she was asked to carry out the humiliating act.

“We’ve always had bag searches and pocket searches,” Scott said. “But all of a sudden, last Thursday, they came up with the idea of a bra search. One of my supervisors, a female, came up to us when we were on the till and said ‘we need to do a bra search.’”

According to The Daily Mail, her supervisor asked her to pull her bra forward and shake.

“This was in front of staff and customers,” Scott said. “She asked me and two or three other women who were working on the tills. I then had to pull my bra outward, give a bit of a shake and see if any coins came out of the bottom.”

Although Scott was wearing a black sweatshirt and no one could see down her top, she reported that she was still humiliated. Scott added that the act was an invasion of her privacy.

There was no similar check for the male employees.

After working through two more shifts, Scott quit her job on Monday and is now looking for another full-time position.

A spokesperson for Poundland noted that the situation, which can clearly be seen on CCTV footage inside the store, was “highly regrettable” and that steps have been taken to ensure the same incident doesn’t occur again.

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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