UK Mom Tracks Down Man Who Exposed Himself To Her Daughter Via Facebook

A U.K. mom cleverly tracked down a pervert who exposed himself to her daughter by identifying him on Facebook.

The mom’s 12-year-old daughter approached her recently and explained that a man had exposed himself to her at a bus stop.

Adam Stevenson admitted to pacing back and forth near a bus station as the young girl waited for her bus. The bus was running late and Stevenson asked the girl if she had the time. When she replied that it was 6:46 p.m. and turned her back, Stevenson coughed.

When the girl turned around again, she saw that Stevenson had exposed his genitals and that his hand was moving “backwards and forwards.” The girl immediately ran away.

When the girl told her mother that the man had been wearing a name tag, her mom searched the name “Adam” on Facebook and found a man in the town who matched her daughter’s description. The mother then reported the man to police.

Stevenson was arrested and initially denied the claims. However, when he asked what would happen if he admitted to the claim, he finally confessed to committing the crime. Stevenson argued that the girl looked 16 or 17 and that he wanted to “excite” her.

“It’s very difficult as a father with two children to try and be positive about the offense, and I can’t,” Robin Ford, mitigating, said. “But I can be positive about the offender. There is a reference from a serving soldier, from his former employers and from his wife.”

According to Stevenson’s wife, the man is currently facing some difficult family matters. Ford added that Stevenson is not proud of the “unsavory” offense.

Stevenson has since been charged with a 3 year community order and 60 hours of rehabilitation activity. He has also been required to work 200 unpaid hours in order to pay for his fees, in addition to more than $700 for compensation toward the victim.

Sources: Mirror, USA-UK Online

Photo Credit: V3


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