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U.K. Widow Arrested In Connection To Husband's Fatal Stabbing

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British man David Mark Edwards was reportedly stabbed to death just weeks after his Las Vegas wedding, police say.

David, 51, suffered a single stab to the chest during a domestic incident in his U.K. home, the NY Daily News reported. He died at the scene.

His wife, Sharon Edwards, has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

“We have got a 42-year-old woman from Chorley in custody on suspicion of murder,” a spokesperson for the Lancashire police told the Daily Mirror.

The couple was just married this summer and had returned from a two-week honeymoon in Las Vegas to live in their Chorley, Lancaster, home. Wedding photos of the couple show the two at a “drive-through” chapel standing in front of the Little White Chapel’s Tunnel of Love.

David wore a dark tie with a short-sleeved white shirt. Sharon wore a white dress with a lace bodice and tiara.

According to friends, the two had a “stormy” relationship, Telegraph reported. The couple often reportedly had arguments in front of their home.

David spoke three languages, practiced law for 26 years, and ran his own firm. He had one daughter, and his wife had four kids.

The murder investigation is ongoing.

Sources: NY Daily News, World Wide Weird News, Telegraph

Photo Credit: Sharon Edwards/Facebook via NY Daily News


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