UK Man Born Without Penis, Sleeps With Women, Gets TV Special (Video)

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Andrew Wardle, a 40-year-old UK man, was born without a penis, but claims to have slept with over 100 women.

Wardle is revealing his condition in an upcoming TV special (video below) on TLC entitled, "The Man With No Penis."

The Daily Mirror reports that the June special will explain how Wardle has a rare genetic condition, which he has hid from most of his lovers with an impotence ruse.

Also featured in the special, which took twelve months to shoot, is Wardle's longtime girlfriend Fedra.

According to the TLC website, the special is an "astonishing, unique and poignant insight into the problems Andrew has faced throughout his life, and the surprisingly positive outlook he holds because of it. He must undergo four operations which will give him a fully working penis for the first time, formed from muscle and skin grafted from his right forearm."

Sources: Daily Mirror, TLC
Image Credit: TLC Screenshot


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