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UK Authorities Investigating Attractive 'Beach Body Ready' Ad

The Advertising Standards Authority in the U.K. is investigating an ad created by the company Protein World following complaints.

The ad features a shapely woman in a bikini and the caption, "Are you beach body ready?" Opponents accuse the ad of "body-shaming" and presenting unrealistic standards of beauty.

The campaign appears to be targeted at beachgoers for the upcoming summer, but ASA is trying to determine if it violates the law.

The ASA told The Independent:

"(The ad is) coming down in the next three days and, due to our concerns about a range of health and weight loss claims made in the ad, it can't appear again in its current form.

"Although the ad won't appear in the meantime, we've launched an investigation to establish if it breaks harm and offense rules or is socially irresponsible.

"We will now carefully and objectively explore the complaints that have prompted concerns around body confidence and promptly publish our findings."

In addition to the ASA investigation, a protest has been planned in London's Hyde Park, and there is a petition calling for the censorship of the ad.

Beat, an organization for people with eating disorders, said the ad was: "One more example of how we are subjected daily to what we are expected to accept and aspire to as the 'body ideal.'"

According to ABC News, some women have protested on social media sites with the hashtag "#eachbodysready," defaced the ad and posed in their bikinis with the ad.

In response, Arjun Seth, the head of Protein World, called the ad's opponents "terrorists" and said they were "extremist, they shout a lot, these people are irrational and extremist," noted The Independent.

Sources: The Independent,, Twitter, ABC News
Image Credit: Product Image


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