Uganda Woman Arrested After Allegedly Torturing Granddaughter (Video)

A housewife in Tororo, Uganda, was arrested on Tuesday after she reportedly tortured her 4-year-old step-grandchild.

Fazira Nake, a 28-year-old mother of two, admitted that she was angered by her step-son’s daughter because she continued to soil her sheets. While Nake’s husband was away on duty, Nake tortured the girl, according to a neighbor.

In video footage of one abusive session (shown below), Nake appears to lift the girl up by her cheeks, and then lifts her upside down by her feet.

According to officer Jane Nazika of the child and family protection unit in the Tororo police station, the unit acted after they received a tip from a concerned neighbor.

“I received a call at midnight on Monday from the person who had identified this woman after watching the video,” Nazika told journalists, according to In 2 East Africa.

Before Nazika could leave to investigate, a second caller informed her where she could find Nake. Nazika arrested Nake and transported her to the Tororo police station, where she confessed to the crime.

Nake admitted to videotaped incident. According to Nake, the girl had swallowed a one hundred shilling coin in March, and she had flipped her upside down so the girl would vomit up the coin.

“I ask forgiveness from all those that I have wronged because the action was not intentional,” Nake said. “Please just spare me as I will never do it again.”

The child is currently being looked after by police while Nake is held at the police station. Nake has been charged with child abuse.

According to Nazika, abuse cases of this kind are rare in the area.

Sources: New Vision, In 2 East Africa

Photo Credit: In 2 East Africa 


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