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Man Facing Forced Marriage Chops Off Own Genitals

An Asian man living in the United Arab Emirates decided to settle a familial dispute by cutting off his own genitals. 

The man, who remains unnamed, reportedly faced pressure to remarry a second woman he hated, according to Khaleej Times. He was already married to a woman in his home country and had two children with her.

In protest of his family's consistent coercions, the 26-year-old decided to take drastic measures. In front of his own family, he took out a knife and cut off his own penis. After completely severing the organ, his brother placed it in a plastic bag and rushed him to a nearby hospital. 

The man arrived at the hospital in serious condition, and was described to be bleeding profusely. Doctors worked quickly to prevent the man from dying from blood loss, according to the Khaleej Times. Once he was in a stable condition, surgeons attempted to convince the man to let them restore the organ. He refused at first, but after hours of arguing with his brother, he agreed to reconstruction surgery. 

"I have conducted a number of surgeries on male organs; but this case was very strange and rare as the organ was separated from the body and was brought to us in plastic bag," Dr. Younis Al Shamsi, the lead urologist who directly handled the case, told the newspaper. 

Al Shamsi believes that the man must have been suffering from a severe form of mental illness to commit such an act.

The man is now in stable condition and the restorative surgery was considered to be a success. He is set to be discharged shortly and will receive psychiatric counseling.

Sources: Khaleej Times, Gulf News / Photo Credit: Army Medicine/Flickr

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