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Typhoon, Tornadoes Devastate Southeast China (Video)

Typhoon Mujigae hit the Guangdong province in southeast China on Oct. 4 with winds over 100 mph that created three tornados (videos below).

There are at least 15 people dead, or missing, and more than 200 injured, notes Xinhua.

Lin Liangxun, of the Guangdong meteorological station, told the state-controlled news agency:

Mujigae is a super-fast attacker that has not been seen in decades. At least I have not seen in the last 30 years as a forecaster.

From its formation to landing, the typhoon traveled 800 miles in 57 hours, while most other typhoons land in Guangdong three to four days after formation.

Almost 200,000 people had to evacuate before the storm hit Zhanjiang, Guangdong, notes

Power, water and phones were knocked out; homes and vehicles were destroyed in the area and in nearby towns, reports the South China Morning Post.

Sources:, South China Morning PostXinhua / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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