Game Of Beer Pong Kills 18-Year-Old


A Canadian 18-year-old’s parents is warning the public about the dangers of drinking games after beer pong killed their son Feb. 4.

"Don't play them," Tracey Grattan, 18-year-old Brady Grattan’s mother, told CBC. "Be smart. I mean, don't make your parents go through this. Don't make anyone go through this."

"It's a whole new game now, and it's a dangerous game. It's a deadly game and I'd just like to bring awareness to people because you don't think it can happen to you.” Cory Grattan, Brady's father, added. "I never imagined that it could happen to us."

Brady was found unconscious in the basement of a home after playing the game beer pong with hard liquor. He had reportedly been at the house for less than three hours before becoming unconscious.

“I beat myself against the wall, wondering, you know, 'What are they doing in so little time to make all of this happen?'" Cory said.

Brady was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor called his parents.

"It was about four o'clock in the morning and I knew," Cory said. "I knew something was wrong because we don't get a phone call at that time in the morning. Something happened in my spirit. I just knew something was wrong."

"Everything's kind of a blur," he added. "Time just sort of stopped for a minute. It was just like, this wasn't real. I'm dreaming and I'm going to wake up. I was saying, 'OK, he's going to learn from this bad experience, he's going to wake up, everything's going to be fine.”

The Grattans said they hope others learn from her son's experience and opt of binge drinking and drinking games.

The news of Brady’s death comes as a new drinking awareness campaign has been launched in Canada called Enjoy Responsibly, reports the Daily Herald Tribune.

"As parents we've got a responsibility to teach them to do it responsibly,” Dr. Albert deVilliers said.

"Sometimes it takes something like [Brady’s death] to actually shake people awake a little bit," he added. "The incident is a reminder to parents to know where their kids are, and also a reminder to young people not to get into situations they can't cope with."

Sources: CBCDaily Herald Tribune / Photo Credit: Grattan family via CBC

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