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Two British Fighters With Al Qaida-Affiliated Group Killed In Syria

Two British Jihadists who joined the Al Qaida-affiliated Al Nusra Front to fight in the Syrian civil war have been killed, according to social media posts.

Abu Basir al-Britani was fighting with an al-Nusra unit in Latakia province against government troops, Daily Mail reported.

The other fighter killed was of Somali origin, but little more was known about Abu Khalid as-Sumali.

Al-Britani, a former law student who once lived in London, appeared in Jihadi propaganda videos, including one which followed him on guard on the front line.

When he first went to Syria in 2014, he reportedly joined the Islamic State-affiliated British battalion Rayat al-Tawheed. He refused to discuss the time he spent fighting for Islamic State, claiming he was only a member for six days.

After Rayat was disbanded, he joined al-Nusra.

He was pictured posing beside a pile of severed heads of government soldiers.

Throughout his time in Syria, al-Britani maintained a presence on social media, where he spread Jihadi propaganda.

He answered questions online, revealing in one response that he no longer had contact to his family.

“I am here, my focus is here and my new life, my new family (brothers) are here,” he wrote.

Asked if he would consider returning to the UK, he responded, “no reason to go back and no desire to. Why would I go from [honor] in Jihad to humiliation from having abandoned this blessed way of life?”

He also became notorious for attacking the Islamic State in online posts.

The two Islamic extremist groups are bitter rivals. Earlier this month, a number of leaders of an Islamic State-linked group were killed in a suicide bombing attack claimed by al-Nusra.

Al-Nusra described the attack as an “heroic infiltration operation,” according to Middle East Eye.

The attack was part of on-going efforts by al-Nusra to consolidate its position in southwestern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Al-Nusra and Islamic State were originally members of al Qaida in Syria. However, they split in early 2014 with al-Nusra remaining the al-Qaida affiliate.

Sources: Daily Mail, Middle East Eye/photo credit: Daily Mail

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