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TV Reporter Slapped After Accidentally Groping Woman (Video)

BBC News reporter Ben Brown accidentally groped a woman's breast during a live interview on May 16 in Bradford, England (video below).

Brown was conducting an interview with a political analyst about Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Shortly after the interview began, the woman suddenly broke in and said, "Absolutely fantastic!" notes The Telegraph.

Brown pushed her back with his hand, and accidentally touched her breast.

The woman appeared shocked, and slapped Brown before walking away.

According to The Telegraph, the woman was laughing when she popped Brown.

Brown and the analyst continued the interview without missing a beat, but the embarrassing clip ended up on Twitter, where it went viral.

Brown tweeted about the incident: "Unfortunate interruption of broadcast in Bradford -- just tried to minimize disruption but [very] tricky live on air -- completely unintentional."

The BBC would not comment, but plenty of folks on Twitter did:

Keeping abreast of the day's news. [Y]ou'll find it hard to justify physically moving someone away, let alone by grabbing an intimate area.

Oh please, the silly woman shouldn't have been there. If it hadn't have been boob it wouldn't even be a story.

I have better manners than to walk up to and interrupt people like that. But hey, if you weren't raised that way....

They're clearly on a pavement in a public area, no right to move her away. She wasn't being aggressive, just giving a thumbs up to camera.

[A]nd she then assaulted him but never mind that because it was a woman hitting a bloke...

Are you for real? She slapped his shoulder because he grabbed her breast... I'd of given him a black eye!

You handled it well.

Why put hands there in the first place tho? [A]lso once you put your hand there you knew what you was touching why not take your hand off?

[W]ord of advice one word 5 letters starts with S ends with orry.

You looked first at where you were putting your hand! How can that be unintentional?

No need to explain to us............if she makes an official complaint as a crime you can explain it under caution.

This agenda is really irrelevant in this case - whether he pushed or grabbed her, her hitting him was a reaction not unprovoked.

I just watched it several times. You had a good squeeze of her breast; sexual assault in my book. Disgusting.

Irrelevant. Resign. Now. Must we license payers be forced to massively remunerate oddballs like you?

Sources: The Telegraph, Ben Brown/Twitter / Photo credit: David Holt/Flickr

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