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TV Reporter Hit In Face By Sound Grenade, Keeps Reporting (Video)

Hana Mahameed, a Middle Eastern TV reporter, was hit in the face by a sound grenade while covering an unrest in East Jerusalem on Oct. 4, but returned to work later that same day (video below).

Israeli police were clashing with some Palestinian demonstrators when a sound grenade was fired at some men in front of Mahameed, who was reporting for Al-Mayadeen, a Lebanon-based TV station, notes the Associated Press.

Moments later, Mahameed was hit by a second sound grenade and was heard screaming as bystanders tried to bandage her up and remove her from the area.

Shortly after the incident, Mahameed appeared on TV with much of her face bandaged to file another report.

Raed Sobies, who works with Mahameed, told The Independent that Mahameed had some “holes in her face and neck,” but was not seriously injured.

"Of course it's not good ... we don't know yet what the result [of her injuries] will be, and whether she will be scarred," Sobies stated.

Sobies added that Mahameed has had to keep working until Al-Mayadeen finds another reporter who is granted the same access by Israeli authorities.

"We've been looking for someone to relieve her situation, but it's not easy," Sobies said.

According to Israeli police, the incident occurred while authorities were detaining the dad of a Palestinian teen who allegedly stabbed an Israeli teen, and was fatally shot by police.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri told the Associated Press that police used "riot dispersal means" and that "whoever is present with law-breaking rioters risks getting injured."

Sources: The Independent, Associated Press / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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