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TV Reporter Groped While On The Air In Germany (Video)

A TV reporter from Belgium says she was groped by a man while giving a live report from a festival in Cologne, Germany on Feb. 5 (video below).

“At first they were just making faces behind me," Esmeralda Labye recalled, notes The Local.

"Then a hand landed on my breast," the RTBF reporter added. "I was was shocked."

A portion of the video shows some men behind her. One of them appears to be making gestures and moving closer to her.

"My piece to camera was chaotic, people showing middle fingers, a man who was having fun miming a sex act behind me and, above all, the hand placed on my breast," Labye said in a later broadcast.

Police are searching for two men in connection to the sexual assault and rude gestures, notes the Daily Mail.

There have been 18 sexual assaults reported in Cologne since the first night of the festival.

The city has been plagued with reports of migrants sexually assaulting women, including a mass assault on Dec. 31, 2015.

Sources: The Local, Daily Mail / Photo credit: RTBF/YouTube

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