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TV Reporter Begs Viewers: 'Don't Swim In The Sea!' During Storm (Video)

Teresa Mannion, a TV reporter for RTE News, made a dramatic plea for people to stay in their homes and not try to swim in the sea on Dec. 5 as Storm Desmond pounded Galway, Ireland, which is on the west coast of the country (video below).

Mannion stood in the pouring rain in Salthill, a seaside area in Galway, and implored viewers: "Don’t make unnecessary journeys! Don’t take risks on treacherous roads and don’t swim in the sea!" notes

"Incredibly, people have been spotted in the water here in Blackrock and Salthill, both today and yesterday,” Mannion added.

The Independent notes that Mannion's broadcast went viral online, and people praised the reporter on Twitter:

"Teresa on RTE deserves a raise for what she's going through."

"Teresa Mannion deserves a medal after that report on RTE!"

"We lived through #StormDesmond thanks to Teresa Mannion!"

"There's a big bright thing in the sky this morning in Galway. Waiting on Teresa Mannion's advice to see how I should approach it"

"Someone give Teresa Mannion an award."

Sources:, The Independent / Photo credit: RTE News Screenshot

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