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TV News Anchor Looks Like Criminal's Mugshot (Video)

Jason Mohammad and Sophie Raworth, hosts of the BBC News show "Crimewatch," were reporting on Victor Lakatos, a man wanted for assault, on Feb. 8 when something odd happened (video below).

A picture of Lakatos appeared on the screen, and he looked very similar to Mohammad, according to Metro News.

Some viewers noticed the resemblance immediately, resulting in several screenshots of Mohammad and Lakatos on Twitter.

"The awkward moment the presenter looks like the criminal," one Twitter user wrote.

"I'd say your presenter has some explaining to do #crimewatch," another tweeted.

Mohammad responded to the attention by tweeting: "Thanks for the tweets. And yes, I've seen the picture #Crimewatch."

Lakatos was sentenced to 18 years in prison for robbing and assaulting a 90-year-old jeweler, according to the Evening Standard.

Sources: Metro News, London Evening Standard, Twitter / Photo Credit: BBC News via YouTube

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