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TV Announcer: Olympian Too Concerned With Looks (Video)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sports announcer Adam Kreek said on Aug. 9 he thought Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard lost her match at the Rio Olympics on Aug. 8 because she was too focused on beauty, fashion, hair styles and social media (video below).

Bouchard was defeated in the third round by Germany's Angelique Kerber, who is the No. 2 seed, notes WTA Tennis.

Bouchard started off strong against Kerber who was trailing 1-4 in the first set, but Kerber rebounded to ultimately win in two sets: 6-4, 6-2.

Kreek was asked by a fellow announcer if Bouchard really wanted to win, reports

Kreek replied:

I don’t know if she does. Afterwards, when I saw her in the mix zone, she loved talking to the media. And I go and I look on her social media, she’s posting pictures of herself, she’s holding up the toothpaste and she’s trying out different hair styles.

Maybe she wants something different than to be a competitor. And that's OK. For me as a sports fan, I’m not interested in watching that. But there are people out there who want to see someone pursuing beauty and fashion and this sort of thing. And maybe that’s, "Well, I got into the tennis world and I want to leverage this..."

It sounds critical, but I'm trying to not be critical. I need to try to remove my judgment. Because people can live their lives how they want to live it. But myself, as a sports broadcaster, I want to see sport.

WTA Tennis painted a different picture of Kerber's and Bouchard's match: "Though both players stayed aggressive throughout, Kerber kept her margins cleaner than Bouchard, striking 24 winners and 19 unforced errors to the Canadian's 22 and 36. She brought up 12 break points and converted four times, while Bouchard broke just once in five chances."

Bouchard has posted a few videos and pictures from the Olympics on her Instagram page, but there doesn't appear to be any obsession with beauty, fashion or hair styles.

Sources:, WTA Tennis, Genie Bouchard/Instagram / Photo credit: CBC via YouTube

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