Turkish TV Host Laughs As Islamic Theologian Explains Forbidden Sex Acts (Video)

A TV host in Turkey recently broke down laughing while an Islamic theologian tried to explain forbidden sex acts to her.

Pelin Cift was interviewing theologian Ali Riza Demircan on Turkey's government-run channel, TRT 1, last Friday when the hilarity occurred, notes AFP (video below).

Cift began to laugh, but was able to keep her composure, only to fall apart moments later.

Demircan reportedly told Cift how anal sex, S&M and "oral sex in advanced dimensions" were forbidden under Islam.

After the TV host began laughing, Demircan reportedly said, "Pelin, sister, you had been talking so comfortably. But now you can't even ask a question!"

Cift responded, "What's your problem, my dear hoca! [respected teacher]"

The Friendly Atheist reports: "Just to be clear, Demircan appeared to be speaking about sex acts between spouses during Ramadan… but I have to believe Islam also forbids them during other times of the year, and certainly with non-married couples."

Sources: AFP,Friendly Atheist
Image Credit: TRT 1 Screenshot


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