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Turkey Busts 34 People With Explosive Suicide Vests

Turkish media reported on Feb. 10 the army detained 34 people, with between 26 and 33 pounds of explosives and four suicide vests, as the group attempted to enter Turkey from Syria, according to Reuters.

The group was stopped in a southeastern part of the country and consisted of four men, 10 women and 20 children, The Telegraph reports. The military did not refer to any specific terror group in statements made about the attack, although the Turkish town is just across the border of a town currently held by ISIS.

Turkey insists it maintains an open-border policy for displaced refugees from the conflict in Syria, but the gates of a key border crossing have been closed for days, reports The Telegraph. The country first tightened visa restrictions for Syrian refugees entering the country in December.

An aid group in the country has scrambled to try to provide housing for 50,000 Syrians living in stark conditions, but it cannot be too safe or too sure that the site it chooses will not become the target of a Russian airstrike, the Telegraph reports.

“What you see here, it isn’t a life,” said a wounded Syrian man in Kilis, Turkey. “They call us a security threat, but we’re just people, running for our lives.”

Sources: Reuters, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Sam Tarling/The Telegraph

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