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Turbulence Leaves Passengers Seriously Injured (Photos)

More than two dozen passengers were injured when a flight headed from Moscow to Bangkok hit unexpected and powerful turbulence.

Shocking video footage shows the aftermath of the turbulence, which reportedly pulled babies from parents' arms and injured those walking in the aisle or who weren't wearing seat belts, according to Daily Mail. The clip shows the cabin in disarray, with luggage, food, and drinks thrown around, and some passengers on the floor.

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"Numerous air pockets one hour before landing led to broken bones, internal and external bleeding," Evgenia Zibrova captioned the video. "Babies are covered in bruises, people lost consciousness. Thanks that we are still alive. Aeroflot, please help these people."

At least 27 people, including three babies, were reportedly left with major injuries after the incident. It is reported that 19 passengers were hospitalized in Bangkok after the flight landed, and two needed to undergo immediate surgery.

"The injured suffered multiple fractures," said Vladimir Sosnov, Deputy Head of the Russian Consulate in Thailand. "There are both Russian and foreign citizens among them."

"Apparently, those who were injured did not have their seat belts fastened," he added.

Denis Antonym, another official with the embassy, said that 24 Russians and three Thai citizens were injured on the plane, The Guardian reports.

"Fifteen Russians and two Thais are still in hospital," he said.

"We were hurled up into the roof of the plane, it was practically impossible to hold on," said a passenger who gave her name as Yevgenia. "It felt like the shaking wouldn't stop, that we would just crash."

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"A Boeing 777 plane suddenly got into the zone of strong turbulence before starting to descend," said a source. "There had been no order to fasten seat belts at that moment. As a result, the plane was jolted by hundreds of [yards], and some passengers were thrown into the space between the chairs suffering traumas."

Aeroflot, who has agreed to pay all medical expenses for the injured passengers, gave a statement about the incident on flight SU 270.

"An experienced crew piloted the flight," said Aeroflot. "The pilot has more than 23,000 flight hours, and the co-pilot has over 10,500 flight hours."

"However, the turbulence that hit the Boeing 777 was impossible to see," the airline continued. "The incident was caused by what is known in aviation as 'clear-air turbulence.'"

The company explained that "such turbulence occurs without any clouds, in clear skies with good visibility, and weather radar is unable to alert of its approach." According to Aeroflot, the crew could not warn passengers to return to their seats before the plane hit the turbulence.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Guardian / Photo credit: Andrew Thomas/Flickr, Evgenia Zibrova/Instagram via Daily Mail

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