Trump Won't Rule Out Using Nuclear Weapons Against ISIS


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will not rule out using nuclear weapons to stop ISIS, he said on April 28.

"I don't want to rule out anything," Trump said when "Today" hosts asked if he would use nuclear weapons against the terrorist organization.

He continued:

"I will be the last to use nuclear weapons. It's a horror to use nuclear weapons. The power of weaponry today is the single greatest problem that our world has. It's not global warming, like our president said. It's the power of weapons, in particular nuclear. I will be the last to use it. I will not be a happy trigger like some people might be. I will be the last. But I will never, ever rule it out."

Although the billionaire businessman said he would use nuclear weapons as a last resort, he did not clarify what conditions would lead him to use nuclear strength against ISIS. Instead, he elaborated on a point that he made during a recent speech where he advocated unpredictability in foreign affairs.

"One of the [tenets] of my speech yesterday -- and this has gotten me great reviews, as you know -- one of the [tenets] was unpredictability," Trump explained. "If I get elected president, I don't want ISIS to know what I’m going to be doing. I don't like the idea."

Trump went on to propose less transparency and more mystery when dealing with sensitive world issues, because the U.S. is "so totally predictable," he said. He pointed to an example of President Barack Obama announcing that the U.S. is sending any number of soldiers overseas, saying that the soldiers then "have a target on their back."

"He shouldn't be announcing that," Trump said. "He shouldn't be talking about what we're doing militarily. The enemy is watching every move we say. Everything that we do militarily, we announce what we're doing. And then they prepare for it. I don't want that."

In his speech, the Republican front-runner explained his "America First" foreign policy motto that would only send troops to war when he could guarantee victory "with a capital V," he said, according to CNN.

"Under a Trump administration, no American citizen will ever again feel that their needs come second to the citizens of foreign countries," Trump added.

Sources: Today, CNN / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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