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1999 Clip Shows Trump Predicting North Korea Situation (Video)

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President Donald Trump has been speaking boldly about North Korea, but newly-unearthed footage from 1999 shows that the American leader has been employing the same harsh rhetoric against the Asian nation for years and making predictions that reflect the current state of affairs (video below)

"The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation," Trump says in the NBC interview, as seen on CNN. "And we have a country out there in North Korea, which is sort of wacko, which is not a bunch of dummies, and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons. And they're not doing it because they're having fun doing it. They're doing it for a reason. And wouldn't it be good to sit down and really negotiate something?"

When the interview was conducted 18 years ago, North Korea was not known to have any nuclear weapons, notes CNN.

"First I'd negotiate -- and I'd negotiate like crazy, and I'd make sure that we try to get the best deal possible," Trump says in the clip. "Now, if that negotiation doesn't work, you'd better solve the problem now than solve it later ... and you know it, and every politician knows it and nobody wants to talk about it."

Trump went on to say that despite being a huge fan of former President Jimmy Carter, he thought that the world leader "was so soft" when "he went over there."

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"These people are laughing at us," he added.

During a CNN interview that same year, the billionaire businessman said that he would "never" rule out a preemptive strike and that going into negotiations with that kind of mindset would help the U.S. strike a good deal.

"You go and you start negotiating, and if you don't stop them ... you will have to take rather drastic actions because if you don't take them now, you're going to be in awfully big trouble in five years from now when they have more missiles than we do," Trump told CNN at the time.

The president's words come amid rising tensions with North Korea, after the UN imposed additional sanctions on the North, according to the BBC.

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Pyongyang reportedly also miniaturized a nuclear warhead so that it fits inside of a missile, and they have said that they are preparing to potentially fire four missiles near Guam by mid August.

"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," Trump said on Aug. 8, according to CNN. "They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. [North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un] has been very threatening beyond a normal state."

Sources: CNN, BBC / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia CommonsGage Skidmore/Flickr

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