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Trump Seeks To Renew Relations With Putin's Russia

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that he will work to reestablish relations between the United States and Russia. The Kremlin made the statement after a phone call between Putin and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

According to the BBC, Putin wished Trump "success in implementing the election program."

Beyond diplomatic relations, the two were reported to discuss the continued civil war in Syria.

According to RT, the two leaders agreed that their respective administrations were “uniting efforts in the fight with the common enemy number one – international terrorism and extremism”.

A statement from the Kremlin noted that 2017 will mark 210 years since the establishment of relations between the United States and Russia. The statement hoped the anniversary would enable a “reversing towards pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation that would satisfy the interests of both countries, promote stability and safety around the world."

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump has praised Putin as "a leader far more than our president."

“It is not hard to see why Trump might choose Putin as his fantasy friend,” Timothy Snyder writes in the New York Review of Books. “Putin is the real world version of the person Trump pretends to be on television.”

During a 2015 broadcast of CBS’s “60 Minutes,” Trump noted that he does “get along very well with Vladimir Putin.”

According to Paul Krugman, writing for The New York Times, Trump’s financial interests may be a strong motivating factor for his relationship with Putin beyond personality.

“Remember, we know nothing about the true state of his business empire, and he has refused to release his taxes, which might tell us more,” Krugman wrote. “We do know that he has substantial if murky involvement with wealthy Russians and Russian businesses. You might say that these are private actors, not the government — but in Mr. Putin’s crony-capitalist paradise, this is a meaningless distinction.”

Sources: BBC, RT, New York Review of Books, The New York Times / Photo credit: brando.n/Flickr

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