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Transgender Woman Killed, Parents Called For Her Death

A transgender Muslim woman has been killed in Russia, only a few days after her wedding.

The woman, who went by Raina after her transition, was reportedly "cut up" by the killer. The murder occurred after Raina's father, Alimshaikh Aliev, had told a TV station that he didn't care if his child was killed, according to Daily Mail.

"Let him be killed, I don't want to see him. Bring him here and kill him in front of my eyes," said Alimshaikh.

Raina, 25, had previously gone by Adam Aliev before having a sex change operation in Moscow. She held a wedding ceremony with a man named Viktor, although it isn't clear whether the couple's marriage was recognized by the state.

The woman was from an ethnic Chechen family and she had lived in a Muslim area called Dagestan. The victim's family reportedly did not approve of her sex change.

Locals were said to be shocked by the sex change and wedding, and Raina is reported to have received threats before her murder, according to Sugar Daily.

"He cheated them, he went there to Moscow, had surgery and turned from a boy to a girl," said a neighbor. "And now in Chechnya it is known too. His mother is saying 'I don't want to see him, I gave birth to a son but what for? It is such a disgrace for the family.'"

The neighbor added that Raina's parents had issued a 'purman,' a call for someone to be killed. "If the mother and father give a purman, it means they want him to be killed," the neighbor said.

A Mufti in Dagestan told KP newspaper that sex changes were not permitted under Islam, according to the Daily Mail. "Changing sex is a protest against Allah," he said. The Mufti added that sex change surgery was only permissible if the person was born as a hermaphrodite and had to decide which sex to identify with.

"If a person changed his sex for another reason, he is damned, along with the surgeon who performed it," he said.

Abdutagur Israpilov, the deputy head of village administration in the village where Raina grew up, said that he had known her as Adam, and did not blame her for the sex change.

"He liked to put on tight leggings, his manners were feminine, even his voice was like a girl's," said Israpilov. "I don't blame him [for the sex change.] His feminine nature had won, so he decided to correct the mistake."

Raina had reportedly gone to police before she was murdered to warn them about death threats that she received. It was unclear where the murder took place, and the woman's body was reportedly unrecognizable because it had been cut up so severely.

Sources: Daily Mail, Sugar Daily / Photo credit: From East to West via Daily Mail

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