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Traffic Cop Rides Hood Of Fleeing Car 1,000 Feet (Video)

A traffic cop clung to the hood of a fleeing car in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for about 1,000 feet on Nov. 16 in a wild scene that city surveillance cameras caught on film (video below).

The traffic cop pulled over a 61-year-old driver in a routine traffic stop, but she failed to show him required documents, according to The Telegraph.

The driver then allegedly drove towards the traffic cop, and that's how he apparently ended up on her hood. The cop eventually jumped off the moving vehicle, and then other officers stopped the woman.

Authorities charged the driver with attempted murder.

In March, the Roselle, Illinois, police department posted pictures of a driver who had a large tree stuck in the hood of a car. 

The image was captioned with: "A few weeks ago, a Roselle police officer saw a car driving southbound on Roselle Road with a 15-foot tree embedded in the front grill of the car. After stopping the driver, he also noticed the airbags had been deployed (apparently from hitting the tree). After an investigation, the Roselle officer arrested the driver for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol."

Apparently, the story and photos drew skeptics, so the police posted a video (below) of the stop on Facebook a few days later with a note:

Since we are new to Facebook, we were not quite sure what to expect from our post. We have received requests to post the video from this call. Some just didn't believe it was true, so we have attached a short video of this call.

The first portion of the video is in slow-motion and shows the car traveling in the opposite direction; the second portion shows the officer trying to stop the car and then as he approaches the driver. Yes, it is true and it happened! DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Sources: The Telegraph, Roselle Police Department/Facebook (2) / Photo Credit: San Isidro via YouTube

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