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Tourists Taking Selfie Break Historical Statue In Italy

Hercules’s muscles were the stuff of myths and legends, but his statue apparently wasn’t strong enough to withstand two tourists trying to take a selfie. 

The pair, whose names and nationalities have not been disclosed, reportedly climbed onto a marble statue of Hercules at Loggia dei Militi palace in Cremona, Italy. The crown of the Statue of the Two Hercules collapsed due to the men’s weight and shattered on the floor.

The Statue of the Two Hercules is considered a symbol of the city. Legend has it that Hercules founded Cremona and the statue depicts two figures of the hero holding an emblem of the city. 

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The statue was built in 1700 and has been in its current position since 1962.

It’s not clear if the men will face charges, and experts have been brought in to determine if the statue can be repaired. 

The selfie-taking tourists aren’t the first people to behave badly around historic landmarks in Italy. Last month, a Japanese tourist was charged for reportedly writing her name and the date on the dome of Florence Cathedral using an eyeliner pencil, which did not cause any permanent damage.

In March, two tourists from California were arrested for carving their initials in 8-inch-high letters into the Colosseum in Rome and taking a selfie with their vandalism.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Image via Daily Mail


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