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Tourist Posing With Cobra Dies An Hour Later (Video)

One minute the tourist was posing with a cobra in Jodhpur, India (video below). An hour later, he was dead. 

In the chilling video, a snake charmer is trying to wrap a cobra around the tourist's neck when the snake bites him on the cheek, reports the Daily Mail.

But it appears the tourist is not initially aware of the bite. He continues to pose for the camera and looks perfectly healthy.

A short time later, the tourist realizes what has happened but does not know where he has been struck.

Although the tourist asks the snake charmer where the snake bit him, the snake charmer ignores the man.

Moments later, he begins to lose consciousness.

Onlookers take the tourist to a medicine man instead of a doctor. Only one hour after posing with the cobra, the tourist was dead.

The video shocked many on social media, causing some to criticize all three parties involved.

"I don't know who's more reckless the idiot playing with a deadly snake, the bloke who lets the idiot wave a deadly snake around his head or the crowd who takes the bloke to a guy is who thinks he's some sort of wizard!" wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Maybe don't torment a wild creature for your selfish amusement," commented another. "Poor thing was trying to defend itself."

Others placed the blame squarely on the tourist's shoulders.

"Why?" wondered one user. "Just why? If the man didn't ask for the snake to be put around his neck it will be murdered but if he agreed to allowing the snake to be out around him then that's the price you pay. I truly hate seeing before death pictures."

Some were more compassionate toward the man.

"The poor man is dead you know," wrote one user. "Comfort yourself with that you uncaring being."

"If this is true then that's tragic news," added another. "I always thought with these tourist "entertainment/attractions" the cobra venom fangs are blocked or removed…"

Others were also more sympathetic and blamed the snake charmer.

"The snake charmer should be imprisoned for manslaughter," commented one person.

"I've done exactly the same and played with a cobra in Jaipur," wrote another. "Wave two fingers at the charmer like a snake's fangs and the charmer will nod to indicate that the snake is defanged like many are. Stupidly, you trust the charmer who wants to get the rest of the group to take photographs. Cobras are slow strikers - but not from that distance."

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Pavan Kumar N/Wikimedia Commons

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