Tourist Dies During Sexual Encounter in Thailand

An unidentified male tourist was found dead in Thailand May 15 after banging his head during a "wild" sexual encounter with a transsexual escort.

Authorities found the man, who they estimated to be 40 to 45, in a hotel in Pattaya, a resort city on Thailand's east coast. In the room with the naked body was a 22-year-old escort, who told police that the tourist had paid a little over 84 dollars for a session of "short time shenanigans," according to the Daily Mail. Police found the body around 5 a.m. May 15.

The man has not yet been identified and his nationality is not known, though Thai newspaper Pattaya One describes him as being a western tourist. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the man, who was drunk, tripped and fell, causing his death.

The escort involved in the case is part of a Thai subculture known as "kathoey." Called "ladyboys" by some, kathoey are considered a "third sex" in Thailand, according to Konbini. Many kathoey in Thailand work as escorts, and if caught and sentenced for prostitution, can be sent to male prisons. Others are hired at department stores, makeup counters and bars, and usually make more money than kathoey who work as escorts.

"The story of Thailand’s Ladyboy, or transgender people, is one that is hard to tell. When told by outsiders, it is usually [...] riddled with preconceptions, prejudices and biases," said Soopakorn Srisakul, a photographer who authored Mistress, a photo series focusing on kathoey in Bangkok. "Because of their unusual appearance and lifestyle, so far removed from the norm of most everyday happening … one really cannot help having some kind of presumption."

The escort said that the man was "very drunk" and "wild" during their encounter, and this caused him to hit his head and fall to the floor. Authorities have said they will wait until an autopsy is performed before questioning the escort further.

Source: Daily Mail, Pattaya One, Konbini / Photo credit: Mirror

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