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Toddler Rides Toy Bike In Rush Hour Traffic (Video)

A 1-year-old boy was recently filmed by security cameras riding his toy bike through rush hour traffic in Lishui City, Zhejiang province, China (video below).

As the boy steered his way past cars and buses no one bothered to stop, motorists just honked at the toddler, notes Australia's 7News.

Fortunately, a police officer, Wu Feng, came to the boy's rescue. Feng ran into traffic while oblivious motorists drove around the child.

Feng picked up the boy and his toy bike, and carried both to safety.

"The boy was dangerously close to traffic, so I picked him up and took him onto the [sidewalk]," Feng told local Chinese media. "He told me he had become separated from his mom and was looking for her." 

The grateful mother runs over to the police officer and her son. After Feng passed the toddler off to her, he appeared to give a stern lecture.

Amazingly, a similar scene played out in May 2012 when a 3-year-old boy rode his toy bike into traffic in Wenzhou, also in China's Zhejiang province, noted the Daily Mail (video below).

The toddler rode more than a mile to see his mother at work before he came upon the intersection where he was almost hit by several buses and cars. Again, no motorists stopped to help the child.

Once again, it took a police officer to rescue the kid. The officer signaled for the boy to stop, and then got him off the street.

The boy's worried grandfather met up with the officer and his wandering grandson.

The officer asked the boy if he was scared, and the boy explained how he had recently learned how to cross the street.

2012 Incident

Sources: 7News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: YouTube

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