Tiger Befriends Goat That He Was Supposed To Eat (Video)

Timur the goat was supposed to be the meal of a Siberian tiger (also called an Amur) at the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia, but the two have turned out to be friends (videos below).

“Year-round, we feed the tigers live prey twice a week,” Dmitry Mezentsev, the safari's park’s director, told RIA Novosti (a Russian news site), notes The Huffington Post.

Mezentsev said the tiger had eaten live goats in the past, but this time his meal stood up to him.

“The goat was very brave," Mezentsev added. "He flashed his horns or retaliated every time the Amur attacked. The wary tiger was confused by this, and he decided not to mess with the goat.”

Timur also took over the tiger's sleeping spot inside a shelter, so now the big cat sleeps on the roof of the shelter.

“Timur follows the Amur everywhere, and the tiger quietly tolerates it," Mezentsev stated. "The goat even worries when the tiger disappears from sight, and will start looking for him.”

The park told NBC News that it named the goat Timur based on a brave boy in a popular Russian children's book.

"It's a fitting name for such a fearless animal," the park stated.

Siberian tigers are endangered, but their numbers have held at about 500.

Sources: The Huffington Post, NBC News / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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