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Three Major Hurricanes Appear Simultaneously In Pacific Ocean

Three major hurricanes were photographed by NASA over the weekend in the Pacific Ocean.

This was the first time in recorded history that a trio of Category 4 hurricanes had swirled east of the International Dateline in the Pacific at the same time, notes

Hurricanes Kilo (left in the NASA picture), Ignacio (center) and Jimena (right) all had maximum continuous winds between 130-156 mph, which is required for a Category 4 status, on 11 p.m. EDT last Saturday, reports The Weather Channel.

Kilo and Ignacio dropped to Category 3 status by 5 p.m. EDT on Sunday while Jimena was still at Category 4.

According to experts, the hurricanes may have been caused in part by El Nino, which is a warming of certain parts of the Pacific Ocean.

The hurricanes stretched from Mexico to Hawaii, where officials in the 50th state began emergency measures and put first responders on stand by, notes The Independent.

Sources: The Weather Channel, The Independent, / Image Credit: NASA Media Handout


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