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Three Arrested in Heroin Bust Resulting in Rooftop Chase

Three people were arrested following a month of investigations of drug dealing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster Police Selective Enforcement Unit and the Street Operations Group carried out the search warrant, which ultimately resulted in a rooftop chase.

The warrant was issued after SEU officers made several purchases of heroin from the house while undercover. While the warrant was being executed, two male suspects exited a third-floor window and took off across neighboring rooftops. They jumped to the ground to try to escape.

One suspect, Jose Santos, Jr., 43, tried to crawl through the window of a neighbor’s home to avoid arrest, but was unsuccessful. He and Kenneth Diaz-Castro, 32, were caught and taken into custody. The third suspect, Angela Hevener, 34, was arrested inside the home.

Inside, police say they found $830 worth of heroin divided into 83 bags. They found 12 hypodermic needles as well as sales records of money earned and spent on heroin, Fox 43 reports.

Police also say they saw empty heroin bags littered throughout the house, spoons with burn marks and dried heroin, and black rubber ties for binding heroin bundles together.

Inside the bedroom of Hevener’s 12-year-old son was a trash bag attached to the inside door with empty heroin bags inside, police reports say. Needles and other paraphernalia were reportedly accessible to the child in the living room.

Authorities said the home was in “squalid” condition, and it has since been condemned. The rear door was secured with transparent packing tape. Two large dogs had reportedly defecated in several areas of the house.

Lancaster Police Sgt. Damon Greathouse said the child is being taken care of by a neighbor; the same neighbor who previously looked after him when Hevener was arrested in 2013. Greathouse said that the dogs are being taken care of by another neighbor.

Santos has an outstanding warrant for simple assault. Diaz-Castro was wanted for an outstanding warrant from the York County Sheriff’s Office. Hevener was also wanted on several summary warrants, Lancaster Online reports.

The three were charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hevener was also charged with endangering the welfare of a minor. They are all awaiting arraignment.

Sources: Fox 43, Lancaster Online

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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