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'Thief' Searches Dying Homeless Man's Pockets (Video)

A surveillance video (below) has surfaced of a purported thief going through the pockets of a dying homeless man in a parking garage in Birmingham, England.

The alleged criminal used a small torch for a light as he searched the homeless man who was slumped up against a wall and appeared to be passing out, Metro News reports.

There were two other homeless men sitting nearby, one of whom may have been shooting up drugs, while the other appeared to be drinking out of a can.

The Metro News says the incident happened on Nov. 30, but the Birmingham Mail reports that a customer leaving a bar discovered the 30-something man's corpse on Nov. 29. Paramedics came to the scene, but the homeless gent was declared dead.

Two homeless men (possibly the ones in the video) who slept next to the dying man spoke to the Birmingham Mail.

The surreal interview began with the journalist asking the men how cold they are, and they confirmed how they froze during the day and night.

"I always sleep there, me and my friend," one of the men stated. "It was absolutely freezing cold. I was having a can of lager because I’m quite a bad alcoholic. And we were sleeping next to [him] and didn’t even realize ... We woke up to 'he’s dead, he’s dead.'"

The second man added: "We got an ambulance because we didn’t know how long he was dead for. He could have got revived from the ambulance. Obviously there was nothing we could do for him. The police came in there and sealed it off as a crime scene."

The man's body may have lay on the concrete for five hours before the paramedics were called in the 14-degree temperature, according to The Sun.

The West Midlands Police believe the homeless man suffered a drug overdose.

Sources: Metro NewsBirmingham MailThe Sun / Photo Credit: YouTube

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