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Morbid Dinner Party Turns Into Cannibalism

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This is one party no should attend. Two Russian men have been sentenced to prison for raping, killing and decapitating a woman, and then serving her remains to party guests in Siberia.

Nadezhda Avakumova, 31, was extremely drunk when Kirill Nemykin and Sergey Metlyayev lured her into a sauna during a party and had sex with her.

The woman later threatened to file a rape report with police because she was inebriated during sex and unaware of what was happening. Initially, Nemykin and Metlyayev ignored her threats, but after she sobered up, her tune hadn’t changed and an argument developed.

The men lashed out by brutally beating her, reports Daily Mail.

They hauled her to a basement storage facility and locked her inside. The woman started “banging, screaming and pleading for help.”

It was then that Nemykin got a large knife from the table, went inside, grabbed her by the hair and sliced her throat, causing Avakumova to bleed to death.

She died almost immediately.

Later, Nemykin and Metlyayev took her body to the house’s terrace and used an ax to dismember it.

The pair then cooked her body parts and served them to guests at a party, according to New York Post.

Assistant state prosecutor in Novokuznetsk, Yana Prodchenko, said at one point, “Metlyayev took her cut-off leg and walked around the house showing it to everyone, laughing and smiling. The women at the house were shocked, despite being drunk. Metlyayev started eating the human meat and offering it to everyone to try it. He was having fun and smiling.”

The party continued even after the display of cannibalism. Nemykin and Metlyayev later put the victim’s remains in plastic bags and dumped them in trash cans at the end of the street.

After one of their friend’s snitched on them, authorities arrested the duo.

Nemykin and Metlyayev pleaded guilty to the murder of Avakumova and were sentenced to 12 years behind bars. Avakumova’s family also received $12,800 from Nemykin as compensation.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: EAST2WEST via Daily Mail

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