Outrage Ensues After Man Reportedly Pours His Young Daughters Shots Of Vodka (Video)


A Kazakh father giving his children what appears to be alcohol has sparked outrage.

A home video, which was reportedly shot in Kazakhstan, shows an unidentified man giving his daughters liquid from a vodka bottle. According to The Mirror, vodka is frequently blamed for much of the violence, crime, road accidents, and suicides that plague the former Soviet nation.

The older daughter, who appears to be about eight, is shown drinking from a shot glass after toasting her father’s glass. About halfway through, she wipes her mouth and grimaces. After eating a small bite of food, she finishes the drink.

The younger daughter, who looks around four years old, is excited by the commotion and asks for a glass. Hesitant, she tries to give the drink to her sister, but her father encourages the young girl to drink it herself.

After a few seconds, the older sister does indeed drink some of the liquid, which prompts the younger child to finish the glass.

Between each gulp, the father ensures that both girls are eating something.

Toward the end of the video, the father is seen pouring liquid from the vodka bottle into everyone’s glass so they can toast each other and have a shot together.

A woman can be heard laughing in the background of the video, presumably the camerawoman. 

While many of those who have commented on the video are horrified by the actions of the parents, others have theorized that perhaps the father was trying to give his children medicine in an entertaining manner. Although it is unclear whether or not the children were indeed drinking alcohol or another liquid, police are trying to track down the family.

In October 2014, a Georgia couple were charged with first-degree cruelty to a child after giving their two-year-old son a mixed drink, as reported by The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Jasmin Briana Moore and William Chester were arrested for giving their child a glass of Coca-Cola mixed with 40 proof Paul Masson Brandy. As a result, the child’s blood alcohol concentration rose to an alarming level of 0.29, more than three times the legal limit for adults, which caused him to stop breathing and become unresponsive.

Sources: The Mirror, Atlanta Journal Constitution / Photo credit: The Mirror

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