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Fishermen Shocked By What Emerges From Their Net (Video)

A group of fishermen in Russia were shocked when a large sea lion emerged from their net and decided to hang out on their boat for a while (video below).

Video shot by one of the crew members and uploaded to LiveLeak Nov. 7 shows the men hauling in a huge net filled with fish. After emptying the net, they find they have inadvertently caught a sea lion.

The creature sits in the pile of fish and appears to be content to stay on the boat, even though one of the men is spraying it with a hose. Eventually, after more than a minute of indecision, it climbs onto the edge of the boat and dives back into the water.

The video has been viewed more than 600,000 times, with several people expressing disbelief at the sea lion's size.

"Damn, that thing was gigantic!" one user commented. "Was that a walrus or a sea lion?"

"My guess is it was a stellar sea lion," another responded. "They are huge. I know they can be found in Alaska so they probably have populations in Russia as well."

Sources: LiveLeak, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube

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