Boy Hit By Car After 'Playing Chicken' In The Road (Video)


A 12-year-old boy from Nova Iguacu, Brazil, is critically injured in the hospital  after “playing chicken” with speeding cars on a busy highway. The entire incident was caught on camera, but the footage cuts just after the car makes impact with the boy’s body (video below).

According to Mirror, the unidentified person taking the footage was crying and yelled,  “He’s been killed, he’s been killed!” 

The boy, who has also not been identified, was tended to by friends and bystanders, one of whom attempted to administer CPR. Meanwhile, the driver who hit the boy pulled over to call for help.

Just before the boy was hit, he and some friends were rushing across the highway, dodging cars and jumping into a lake just off the roadside. 

Jacqueline Menezes, the boy’s mother, posted a photo of her son lying in a hospital bed with a respirator attached as a warning to others. Although the victim is still alive, it’s unclear what his prognosis is. “I hope this serves as a lesson to the other kids who were with him to stop going to that bloody lake,” she wrote.

However, some local residents were quick to criticize Menezes.  “How can they let their kids do something as mad as this?,” one person wrote. 

Another commenter chimed in: “The driver who knocked that poor child over is going to suffer trauma for the rest of life.”

Menezes was defended by someone who claims to know both her and her son. “(The boy) is a neighbor of mine and his mother is a single mother who has five children to look after,” they wrote. “She is not at fault. She was working to put food on the table for her kids.”

Menezes also fired back: “Those who know me know of my struggle to raise my five children and they know about my situation.

“Those who don’t know me shouldn’t throw stones.”

Sources: Mirror, First One/YouTube / Photo credit: Mirror

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