Man Posed To Look Alive At Wake (Video)


A Puerto Rican Man was honored by his family in a unique way when they positioned his body so that he appeared to be alive (video below).

Fernando de Jesús Díaz Beato was shot and killed outside of his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  His family wanted to remember him as he was when he was alive, so they contacted Marin Funeral Home — a business that specializes in non-traditional funerals.

"When he died, the family told us they would like him to be standing up," funeral home director Damaris Marin told BuzzFeed. "We thought that it was a joke. Then his mom came to the funeral home and we realized it was serious.” The home first provided "standing dead" services in 2008, when they tethered the body of 24-year-old Angel Luis Pantojas to his family's living room.

Lhizz Diaz Beato, the young man's sister, said that her family wanted to honor Beato as the "happy, active" person they knew him to be, prompting them to choose a standing dead service.

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At his funeral, 26-year-old Beato was pictured sitting up in a chair, wearing a cap, glasses and a USA sweater.  One leg was crossed over the other and he was holding what appeared to be a cigar; those who knew him said he puffed them often.

The chair belonged to his mother, who said he always wanted to sit in it but she'd never let him because she wanted to keep it nice.

"Oh my god," he would often tell his mom. "I’ll only be able to use it when I die.”

"Some people say that it doesn’t look good," Beato's sister said of her brother's unorthodox wake. "They prefer something more traditional. But if that’s something that the family wants, why wouldn’t you do it?”

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Beato was killed on March 3 after being shot 15 times outside of his home. He was remembered as a man who love basketball, and worked at a restaurant in a tourist neighborhood.

"Everyone in his neighborhood loved him," Lhizz Beato said. "Everyone remembered him."

Marin told the New York Daily News that since 2008, they've done "9 non-traditional funerals."

Sources: BuzzFeed, New York Daily News / Photo credit: BuzzFeed

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