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Theme Park Sets Up Fake Fights For Guys To Impress Gals (Video)

Hirakata Park, an amusement park in Osaka, Japan, offers guests a chance to play hero by fighting off some fake bad guys (video below).

The Japanese news site Lmaga describes these conflicts as "threepenny plays" in which the guest is the star, notes Kotaku.

A video advertisement depicts a man and a woman walking through the park and being stopped by two brash thugs wearing sunglasses and bomber jackets, reports the Independent.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the thugs grabs the woman by the shoulder and tells her in Japanese that she is "looking fine," which prompts her boyfriend to tell the thug to get off and leave the woman alone.

One of the villains responds by trying to punch the hero, who smoothly blocks the swing with one arm and belts the bad guy in the stomach with the other, causing the wide-eyed woman to gasp in shock.

In the park, this leads to a longer staged fight sequence that is supposed to last about 10 minutes, although the video promoting the experience only runs for about 17 seconds.

After the two garishly dressed hooligans scamper away from the confrontation, the woman swoons over her "brave" beau, and says: "I’ve fallen head over heels for him all over again."

The witnesses, who stood by and did nothing during the battle, applaud the valiant hero for succeeding in the fixed fight.

Guests who want to play the hero have to attend a class before the fake fight, notes Kotaku. The park tells guests not to expose the ruse to their companions so that they'll be duly impressed by their bravery and fisticuffs.

Guests are instructed to show up at a specific place in the park so that they can be accosted by the faux villains. However, the park cancels such fake fights in case of rain.

The park also offers more role-playing fun for folks who would like switch bodies with a stranger, defuse a fake bomb, or save a life by giving a blood transfusion.

The scenarios are free with the price of admission, which is about $39.00.

Hirakata Park was originally built in 1910 and bills itself as the oldest amusement park operating in the entire country.

Osaka has a long history of its own, having served as the capital of Japan as far back as the 7th century, according to the Osaka Prefectural Government.

Sources: Kotaku, Independent, Metro, Daily Mail, Osaka Prefectural Government / Photo credit: Japan Maik/Wikimedia Commons

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