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Thailand Cafe Offers Expesso, Exorcisms, Fortune Telling

The Ace of Cups is a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, that features regular fare from expressos to fettuccine.

However, the cafe also provides witchcraft services such as exorcisms, curse-lifting and fortune telling, notes the Daily Mail.

The decor for the Ace of Cups includes Satanic pentagrams and astrological signs.

Magical spells begin at 350 baht, which is about $10, reports VICE.

Behind a fake bookshelf is a staircase that leads to an altar where spells are cast and spiritual cleansings are performed.

Co-owner Nat Maitreemit told VICE about the exorcisms:

It's a ritual, not a spell. We have several ways to draw an evil spirit out. We start with sound therapy like tuning forks and singing bowls and move on to using fire. Once the spirit is out, we have to do protection spells. It takes a long time and is really complicated. We don't get too many requests for the stronger spells, like curse-lifting or exorcism. It's not that they don't happen—they do! But when Thai people feel that they are haunted, they go to the temple and ask the Buddhist monks for help.

One of the first questions we ask is: "Where have you been?" and then "Do you have any enemies?" If they really have a curse on them, we have to figure out where the curse came from and why. We can do this by intuition, sensing the spirits or asking questions. Sometimes, nature can just curse a person. But if we can figure it out, we can reverse it or cleanse them.

Maitreemit and co-owner Wine Kongsorn were in the same witch coven when they met and decided to open a place for their fellow Wiccans to hang out and perform rituals.

Kongsorn added:

Some people curse themselves through negative self-hypnosis. They think they are haunted or cursed, but they've just talked themselves into it, it's the opposite of an affirmation. We had a client, a girl that thought someone had cursed her and given her cancer. I gave her a spirit cleansing and reassured her in a way that a doctor couldn't. But she was actually just making herself sick with negative feelings.

Maitreemit said that "divination with tarot cards" was the most popular spell.

Sources: VICE, Daily Mail, Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook


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