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Rebels Accidentally Blow Themselves Up While Trying To Attack Syrian Government Forces (Video)

A shocking video has surfaced online of Syrian rebels accidentally blowing themselves up.

The footage (video below) was posted by the YouTube channel World Conflict Films, Mad World News reported.

According to the video’s description, Syrian rebels were attempting to “launch an improvised spigot mortar round at Syrian government forces.”

But the plan blew up in their faces -- literally.

WARNING: Graphic content.

The men are seen loading up a cannon before moving what they thought was a safe distance away from it. Moments later, the video shows an explosion and the camera hits the ground. It is unclear if it was the cannon or mortar round that malfunctioned.

Gunfire is heard after the explosion and some militants are heard quietly mourning the deaths of their comrades.

Several viewers commented on the video and mocked the Syrian rebels’ failure. One YouTuber with the user name Jimmy In Mexico, commented: “The pink mist was incredible.”

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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