Australian Man Finds Deadly Spider In Son's Shoe (Video)


An Australian man posted a YouTube video (below) of himself discovering a deadly spider inside his son's sneaker. The video has since gone viral.

At the beginning of the video, the boy's blue and orange sneaker is seen perched on top of a pile of cardboard boxes and covered in cobwebs.

"My son left his shoe out over the weekend," the man is heard saying in the video. "This is why you should always check them before putting them back on."

He then sprays the shoe with insect spray. Soon afterwards, the large black Australian funnel-web spider crawls out of the shoe and the man tries to remove it with a skewer.

"Welcome to Australia," the man says curtly at the end of the 50-second video clip.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on March 7, has been viewed over 119,000 times in three days.

YouTube users writing in the comments section expressed their reactions to the spider.

"I would've set the shoe on fire outside," one poster wrote. "lol that thing was gross!"

"To think that I complain when I get snow in my boots…I'll take snow any day over this,"  another poster commented.

Funnel-web spiders typically range from one to five centimeters in body length and are black or brown in color, according to the Australian Museum. There are at least 40 different species of funnel web spiders in the world.

Several species of funnel-web spider have been known to be highly venomous. The male Sydney Funnel-Web Spider, for instance, has caused 13 recorded deaths before an antivenom was introduced in 1981.

Sources: YouTube, Australian Museum / Photo Credit: YouTube

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