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Teens Get Light Sentence For Beating Couple With Chains In Denmark

Three teens recently received light jail sentences for the brutal beating of a couple in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Christmas Eve in 2014.

Nanna Skovmand and her boyfriend, Mads Schollhammer, were reportedly beaten with bicycle chains, punched and kicked.

Skovmand told the Danish website TV 2 (via Google Translate) that the assault began when one teen hit Schollhammer with a bottle; other teens soon joined the assault with chains.

Schollhammer told Skovmand to run, but she tried to help him and got beat herself.

Skovmand posted pictures of her face after the beating on Facebook, which stirred outrage throughout the country.

In June, two of the teens, 16 and 19, got 10 months in jail, while a 17-year-old was sentenced to one year; he was also convicted of burglary, reports Ekstra Bladet (via Google Translate).

However, the teens only served a required two months in jail.

An 18 year old was accused of being part of the assault, but was found not guilty, however, was convicted of burglary.

Skovmand and her boyfriend were not present in court for the sentencing, but Skovmand did post an updated (healed) picture of herself on Facebook.

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Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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