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Teenage Girl Beaten To Death After Being Accused Of Planning Suicide Bombing

An angry crowd in Bauchi, Nigeria, reportedly beat a teenage girl to death after accusing her of being a suicide bomber.

According to reports, two teenage girls in Bauchi made some suspicious when they refused to be searched as they arrived at the gate of the Muda Lawal, a vegetable market in Bauchi. An angry crowd surrounded the girls and was able to discover that one had two bottles strapped to her body. The second girl was arrested at the scene while the other one was clubbed to death.

After beating the teenage girl to death, the mob proceeded to place a tire doused in fuel over her head and set her body on fire.

Police Deputy Superintendent Mohammad Haruna later said that it’s unlikely the teenage girl was planning a suicide bombing, describing her as the victim of a “mob action carried out by an irate crowd.”

Locals have been on high alert in recent times due to a large number of suicide bombings that have occurred at the hands of homegrown terror group Boko Haram.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post / Photo Sources: NY Post, Daily Mail


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