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18-Year-Old Lets Friends Light Him On Fire -- It Doesn't End Well (Video)

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An Australian teen was hospitalized with third-degree burns after agreeing to let his friends set him on fire during a night of drinking.

Johno Holten, an 18-year-old from Sydney, Australia, had an alcohol-fueled evening with a group of friends in mid-March before heading to a party for more drinking. It was there that he thought it would be funny to spray his leg with deodorant and light it on fire (video below).

“I was having pre-drinks at my mate's house and then we came to the party,” Holten told the Daily Mail. “I had vodka mixed with solo, not sure how much was in the bottle. And then I went to the party and had about four more beers. There were about 15 people at the party but half of them left around 10ish.”

Holten said he passed out for a short time, before waking up and deciding to try out the dangerous stunt.

Holten lit his leg on fire and quickly patted out the flames, then decided to spray his back with the flammable deodorant. Suddenly, his entire back went up in flames. Panicked, Holten dropped to the ground and began rolling around to attempt to extinguish the fire that had spread to half of his body. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for third-degree burns on his back.

“It was just a harmless night, man, at the start, you know from I'm saying? And then from there it just, yeah, it turned out really dirty,” a friend of Holten’s told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 18-year-old said he regrets taking part in the stunt, and admitted that he’s lucky to be alive.

“Yes, I have certainly learned from my mistake,” he said.

Watch the shocking footage of the stunt below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald

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