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Teen Girl Threatened To Be Charged For Taking Snapchat Picture Of Her Teacher

A teenage girl may be charged for taking a photo of her teacher during class and posting it on Snapchat.

Lauren Sloan, 13, a student at Lasswade High School, took a photo of herself holding up the “peace” sign with her teacher behind her and captioned the photo, “Mutch hate [sic].” The teen posted the picture on Snapchat to be amuse herself and her friends, but things soon took a much more serious turn.

A classmate of Lauren’s shows the picture to their teacher later that day and the next day, Lauren was pulled out of class by a senior staff member.

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“It was the next day it got mentioned,” Lauren told Mirror. “I was in French at the time and my teacher got a call to tell me to go up. They said it was a serious offense. I was quite intimidated.”

When Lauren was pulled out of class, a police officer was waiting for her in the lunch hall and she was told that what she did was a serious offense, but that he “couldn’t really talk to me there and he’d have to go to my house to talk to me.”

The teen said that the police officer warned her that she could be charged for taking the picture and that she was “kind of scared as I thought it was really serious. I didn’t know what my mum might say.”

Her mother said that she thought that the whole situation was “extreme.”

“She shouldn’t have had her phone – definitely not,” Lauren’s mother, Lynsey Sloan, told Mirror. “I’ll be having a word with her about that. But they all do it. Lauren got taken to speak to the police. The police said they didn’t have time to deal with it just now and they may possibly charge her. Charge her with what?”

A spokeswoman for the Midlothian Council said in a statement, “While we cannot comment on individual incidents, schools in Midlothian work in partnership with Education IT colleagues and community police officers to educate and inform pupils about appropriate use of social media.”

Sources: Daily MailMirror

Photo Credit: Mirror

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