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Teen Girl Finds Gold Bar In German Lake While On Vacation

A teenage girl found a bar of gold while swimming in a lake in southern Germany, authorities said on Aug. 12. 

The 16-year-old vacationer found the gold bar on Aug. 7 in about 6 feet of water in the Koenigssee lake, a tourist destination on the Austrian border near the town of Berchtesgaden, The Associated Press reports. 

The bar, which weighs just over 1 pound, is estimated to be worth just under $18,000, according to the BBC. 

Photos of the bar reveal it is stamped with the name Degussa Feingold, a company, according to the Daily Mail, that has been manufacturing gold bars for 150 years.

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The find reportedly gave new life to rumors that the Alpine lake has held Nazi gold since the end of World War II. Some believe Nazi soldiers dropped boxes filled with gold bars into the lake to keep the riches from being looted by Allied troops, the Daily Mail reports. 

Experts have dismissed any connection of the recent find to the Nazi era, saying the markings on the bar are not consistent with the time period. 

Police divers reportedly searched the lake on Aug. 11, looking for more treasure, but found nothing. 

It has not been reported whether the girl got to keep the bar.

Sources: AP, BBC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: AP


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