Teen Caught On Camera Kicking Tiny Cat Through The Air (Video)


A teen in Spain was caught on video (below) kicking a small cat through the air.

The shocking clip shows the unsuspecting cat being placed on the ground in front of the teen. The boy, dressed in a bright orange t-shirt, quickly punts the kitten and sends it high in the air before it lands violently on the ground. 

The cat appears to be writhing in pain as it recovers from being kicked and landing on the hard concrete ground. During the disturbing stunt, bystanders can be heard giggling in the background.

According to reports, the animal suffered a broken back and broken ribs, and ultimately died from its injuries. While the teen has yet to be identified, Spain-based animal rights organization Animalist Party Against Mistreatment to Animals said two 15-year-old boys were involved.

The incident, which took place in the Central Spanish town of Fuentes, prompted the organization to file a complaint with local police. 

The video quickly went viral, with viewers expressing their horror and outrage at the teen’s actions.

“What cruel assassins with no mercy. Poor cat,” one viewer said.

“These are tomorrow's killers. They should pay for what they did to the poor defenseless kitty,” another added. 

Watch the shocking video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: youtube.com


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