Teen Admits To Killing His 3-Week-Old Son

A teen admitted to killing his 3-week-old son while visiting him in the hospital last February. The infant was premature but healthy. 

Earlier this week, the teen, now 16, pleaded guilty to killing his son while he was supposed to be learning how to take care of him. 

The teen was alone with the baby for just a few minutes, but when the 16-year-old mother returned, the baby was "limp like a rag doll,” The West Australian reported. 

The teen initially claimed he’d bumped the baby’s head on accident, but doctors determined he hit both sides of the infant’s head with “considerable force.”

Nine days after the baby was hospitalized with skull fractures and bleeding on the brain, he died.

The Australian teen was charged with manslaughter.

It’s possible the child’s head was stomped on while he was on the ground, the court heard.

"In order to fracture an infant's skull, considerable force is required," prosecutor Bruno Fiannaca said.

Neuropathologist Vicki Fabian said the injuries were the “most severe” she had seen in an infant.

The baby’s mother expressed her grief on social media. “Omg what do i do sitinq here so lost missing my son rip mummys boy love you to the moon nd bak,” she wrote, according to Perth Now.

Outside of court, she told The West Australian, "There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him."

The teen will be sentenced March 23.

Sources: The West Australian, Perth Now / Image via Condesign/Pixabay


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