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Teacher Who Allegedly Slept With Student's Father Brutally Beaten By Wife In Front Of Class (Video)


A wife in Mexico brutally beat a teacher during a class after accusing the woman of sleeping with her husband. 

Laelia Paredes Flores, 35, was caught on video (below), filmed by a student, storming into the classroom in the southeast Mexican city of Huimanguillo and beginning to savagely assault 32-year-old teacher, Marcella Villalpando Tovar. Students and staff members stood back and watched as the teacher took the beating.

The video shows Tovar cowering and attempting to protect herself as Flores kicked and punched her in the stomach and face. Flores then jumped on top of the teacher, pulled her hair and punched her in the face.

"Defend yourself, you w***," Flores screamed. At one point, an onlooker can be heard shouting "break her" in support of Flores. The wife then angrily exits the classroom as Tovar is left stunned and shaken up on the floor of her classroom. The entire incident lasted around 60 seconds.

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"The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor," 16-year-old student Miriam Gracia Adomo said. "That’s when I ran to get help. But when other teachers came they just stood around watching. It was really terrible, terrible."

The video quickly went viral after it was uploaded online, and many viewers expressed their outrage that nobody in the classroom attempted to intervene and protect the teacher. "I don’t know what’s worse — the sickening attack or the fact no one is doing anything," one viewer said. 

The school issued a statement following the incident, condemning the brutal assault. "The woman claimed that our teacher was having an affair with one of the student’s dads and the mother took exception," a spokesman said. "We are appalled that this attack happened in our school and that nothing was done to stop it, and we shall be carrying out a full investigation."

Watch video of the disturbing beating below. 

Sources: Mirror Online, YouTube

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