Teacher Suspended After Being Caught On Camera Attacking Student (Video)


A Chinese schoolteacher is in hot water after a video surfaced of him beating a young girl in his class before throwing her to the ground.

The video shows the two arguing before the educator begins to strike the 16-year-old girl’s head with a book. The girl attempts to fight back but is overtaken by the taller, stronger teacher. The altercation only ends after the man threw the girl to the ground and several other students break the two up. Some of the students in the video are crying while others yell for the educator to stop abusing the girl.

The teacher, who worked at the Pengdian High School in Xinyan City, has since been suspended for the attack. The school has also released a statement saying that they will be covering the girl’s medical expenses after she was sent to the hospital following the incident.

The girl’s parents have also met with the teacher and reportedly forgave him for the actions he took.

According to the school’s statement, “The decision to suspend the teacher was taken because the school believes the teacher has set a bad example of how to handle disobedient children.”

This incident came mere days after another case of child abuse occurred in a Memphis classroom. The event was also captured on video and showed a teacher breaking up a fight between two students before getting physically involved with one and putting him in a chokehold.

Both of the students involved in the fight were suspended from school.

Source: The MirrorOpposing Views

Photo Credit: CEN via The Mirror


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